Banana Split, the good mood dessert

Women are strange. No, I mean it) When they feel bad or gloomy they cure this state with the help of food. And every woman has her own secret weapon.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad or abandoned or I don’t know what to do there is the thing that saves me for sure. I’m talking about my favorite dessert named Banana Split. Yes, I know it has tons of calories. Yes, I know it’s too sugary. Yes, I know that you can’t eat Banana Split every day, no matter how much you want it. But when you are uncomfortable somewhere inside there is no better remedy, I bet!

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How to Feed a Light-eater

What to do if your child refuses to eat? How to make a stubborn toddler be interested in food and try new meals? To turn the family dinner into a pleasant time for both the child and the mother we suggest you to stick to some easy rules.

  • Exclude all the artificial flavors and pigments. They are proved to cause an addiction and the child gradually ceases feeling the taste of organic food. It appears to be dull to him and that is the reason of the appetite loss.
  • Don’t give to your child pastry products as a quick snack. This food will make him feel full for a long time without bringing much use. But an apple or an orange eaten half an hour before the lunch will stimulate the appetite and your children won’t refuse to eat their standard servings.

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