Banana Split, the good mood dessert

Women are strange. No, I mean it) When they feel bad or gloomy they cure this state with the help of food. And every woman has her own secret weapon.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad or abandoned or I don’t know what to do there is the thing that saves me for sure. I’m talking about my favorite dessert named Banana Split. Yes, I know it has tons of calories. Yes, I know it’s too sugary. Yes, I know that you can’t eat Banana Split every day, no matter how much you want it. But when you are uncomfortable somewhere inside there is no better remedy, I bet!

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The World’s Most Popular Cocktails

Cocktail is a mixture of several beverages (usually consisting of up to 5 ingredients) with some additional spice such as vanilla, cinnamon or a plain salt. The content of cocktails may be different.

The first cocktail is believed to be served in 1770 in a small bar next to the New York city. As the legend says the owner of the bar was very upset by the loss of his favorite cook. The one who could manage to find it was promised to marry his single daughter. A week later the army officer brought the cockerel but the last appeared to be without its tail. The daughter who was working as a waitress in her father’s bar offered a drink to this officer but she was worrying too much and mixed two different drinks in one glass. This beverage turned out to be so good that the officer ordered another one and called it a “cock tail”.

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