What to Do If Your Pet Pushes Its Golden Years

Quite recently your animal companion has been running merrily all over your house probably annoying you with its endless asking to play with it and give it a little more of your attention. But now you notice more and more often that you pet seems sleepy, spends more time lying in its place and its eyes always look tired and exhausted. Of course you can't help sighing heavily each time you look at it but alas there is no remedy to treat the age yet.

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Banana Split, the good mood dessert

Women are strange. No, I mean it) When they feel bad or gloomy they cure this state with the help of food. And every woman has her own secret weapon.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad or abandoned or I don’t know what to do there is the thing that saves me for sure. I’m talking about my favorite dessert named Banana Split. Yes, I know it has tons of calories. Yes, I know it’s too sugary. Yes, I know that you can’t eat Banana Split every day, no matter how much you want it. But when you are uncomfortable somewhere inside there is no better remedy, I bet!

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Strong Sides of Phlegmatics

They say the best roommates and colleagues are phlegmatics. So if you have entered the university and search for a good person to share a room with pay attention to the people with stolid personality. But how to identify phlegmatics? Phlegmatics are the people who are normally calm and self-collected. This calmness often makes the others think that the phlegmatic people are cool and indifferent. But actually this indifference is not what it seems to be. People with such personality are usually expressing their emotions with a slight delay. They are not unresponsive but a little bit slow when it concerns showing their feelings and emotions. On the one hand phlegmatic people are usually quite tolerant to the people of other personalities. On the other hand they can do well without the close communication with the others. So if you want to stay alone for a while your phlegmatic room mate won’t bother you.

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Karin Dreijer Andersson

Karin Elizabeth Dreijer Andersson was born on the 7th of April in 1975 in the Swedish town called Nacka. In 1999 she and her brother Olof Dreijer founded the duet “The Knife” performing the unusual mixture of experimental music with trip-hop, trance, ambient and sinthypop. After the latest release The Knife took a long time-out. The date of the next release is planned to meet the end of the year 2012. The studio album called “The Silent Shout” has gained the overwhelming popularity among the music fans of all ages.

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Four Types of Reality Shows

The phrase “reality show” has enriched the word stock of the Earth population 16 September 1999. On that day one of the small Dutch TV channels launched the first reality show in the wold called “Big Brother”. The name of this show speaks for itself.

There are four types of reality shows. It’s an interesting coincidence that Jorje Luis Borjes found the same amount of plot models in the world literature.

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Ghost Holidays

Human nature is incomprehensible. We close our eyes when there is some scary scene in the horror movie but watch horrors nevertheless. We can not sleep after hearing some nightmarish fairy-tails but still telling such stories to each other when the darkness falls is one of our favorite kinds of entertainment. May be we do it out of curiosity or it is a portion of adrenaline and nerves tickle we want to receive but the result is the same – frightening things are at the same time attractive. That’s why spending a weekend in one of the most terrific castles in Europe will not seem to the most of us a crazy idea.

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How to Become Happy Right Now

If you ask many people what is happiness you will get a lot of various answers. Every individual experiences the state of happiness in a unique way. The one thing that everyone would probably agree with is that happiness is a constantly elusive “substance”. It is often compared to air. We notice that the air exists only when we lack it. It may seem difficult to feel happy at once. Since the earliest childhood we were taught not to repose on our laurels and try to achieve more and more.

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