What to Do If Your Pet Pushes Its Golden Years

Quite recently your animal companion has been running merrily all over your house probably annoying you with its endless asking to play with it and give it a little more of your attention. But now you notice more and more often that you pet seems sleepy, spends more time lying in its place and its eyes always look tired and exhausted. Of course you can't help sighing heavily each time you look at it but alas there is no remedy to treat the age yet.

However you are able to provide everything necessary for your pet to leave this world without fear and pain. Usually our Sparky's and Fluffy's start pushing senility at the age of 12 years old. The critical age for them is 15- 17 years old. Not many of dogs or cats live longer, but one can still meet the long livers among the animals as among the human beings as well. Generally the animals which live in the natural environment (for example on a farm) are more healthy than their congeners who have to live in a flat. But the natural environment usually contains more dangers for an animal.

It is a wide-spread phenomena when the animals start gaining weight as they push their golden age. As you may see they are not puppies or kittens anymore and instead of running about and chasing their til they prefer to have a nap in a quiet warm corner. That means that the pets waste less energy that they are supposed to. So you are to consider the proper diet for you animal companion.

As your pets becomes older try to pay more attention to the state of its fur. This is especially important for the cats who are famous neat freaks. Comb their fur and clean their moth with a wet cloth.


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