Banana Split, the good mood dessert

Women are strange. No, I mean it) When they feel bad or gloomy they cure this state with the help of food. And every woman has her own secret weapon.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad or abandoned or I don’t know what to do there is the thing that saves me for sure. I’m talking about my favorite dessert named Banana Split. Yes, I know it has tons of calories. Yes, I know it’s too sugary. Yes, I know that you can’t eat Banana Split every day, no matter how much you want it. But when you are uncomfortable somewhere inside there is no better remedy, I bet!

Actually this dessert is quite simple. It will require you only about 10 minutes to cook it but the pleasure and the taste will stay for a very long time.

So, let’s see. To cook Banana Split you’ll need:

  • 1 banana;

  • 0,2 pounds of vanilla ice cream;

  • chocolate sauce;

  • whipped cream;

  • nuts;

  • mint and other fruit for topping.

Take a banana, remove the cover and cut it along into two equal pieces. Put the pieces on the plate and attach some drops of lemon juice on them (in order for the banana not to blacken). Then, put 1-2 ice-cream scoops on each of the banana slices. Then make layers of chocolate sauce, cream and nuts. Then put the mint leaves on the top of the dessert. After that you need to place the plate into the fridge for some time, as the dessert must be eaten cold.

It’s time now! Ta-da! You have the perfect dessert in front of you. And remember my words, when you try to cook Banana Split yourself you’ll get addicted to this kind of pleasure;)

Anyway, you see that it really doesn’t require much time and it’s equally tasty for children and for grown ups. More than that, Banana Split suits perfectly any event and will not leave any picky person indifferent.

Every girl cooking Banana Split can add something she likes most of all to this dessert. For example, I adore cinnamon. I’m really the cinnamon fan and the dessert without it is no good for me) So, when I cook Banana Split I always add cinnamon into it. Just a bit. But the smell is adorable! You can also add some nutmeg, again, if you like the smell and the spicy taste it brings. Anyway, Banana Split is good for the imagination and creativity!


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