Strong Sides of Phlegmatics

They say the best roommates and colleagues are phlegmatics. So if you have entered the university and search for a good person to share a room with pay attention to the people with stolid personality. But how to identify phlegmatics? Phlegmatics are the people who are normally calm and self-collected. This calmness often makes the others think that the phlegmatic people are cool and indifferent. But actually this indifference is not what it seems to be. People with such personality are usually expressing their emotions with a slight delay. They are not unresponsive but a little bit slow when it concerns showing their feelings and emotions. On the one hand phlegmatic people are usually quite tolerant to the people of other personalities. On the other hand they can do well without the close communication with the others. So if you want to stay alone for a while your phlegmatic room mate won’t bother you.

Being a child a phlegmatic usually doesn’t bring any troubles to his parents or teachers. Such children are commonly open to any kind of communication and thee is no need to punish them as it it possible to discuss the problem appeared.

Mental ballast is the strong side of their personality. The life of phlegmatics is based not on their emotions but on the common sense. They are hard workers but being a marionette is impossible for them. Moreover they are quite forgiving and don’t take part in arguments. Phlegmatics seem to feel comfortable in any situation and place as they are able to control their emotions.

The function of expressing emotions and providing the moral support is performed by the other members of phlegmatic’s family. But phlegmatics are natural peace-makers. They don’t try to impose their opinion on the other people or to convince the others that they are right.

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