Four Types of Reality Shows

The phrase “reality show” has enriched the word stock of the Earth population 16 September 1999. On that day one of the small Dutch TV channels launched the first reality show in the wold called “Big Brother”. The name of this show speaks for itself.

There are four types of reality shows. It’s an interesting coincidence that Jorje Luis Borjes found the same amount of plot models in the world literature.

  • The first type of reality shows has the following idea. The participants are to return home with the victory from the farthest corner of the planet where they are put by the “gods” which are the producers of a show. In order to manage to win the first prize and overcome all the obstacles the participant should possess all the set of Ulyss’s characteristics, including slyness, courage and the unlimited readiness to sacrifice his friends for the victory.

  • The second type of shows has developed itself from the first one “Big Brother”. The matter is that a group of several people is closed in a certain area without the possibility to contact the outer world. The high technologies allow to shoot these people without their being awareness of the shooting process. The living of the participants appears to be more interesting than the preset adventures and the definite plot.
  • The third type of reality show has the plot of “Cinderella”. “The American Idol”, “America’s Next Top Model” and the similar shows are aimed to search and promote the talented people and make them TV stars. But the process of searching is far more important than the result. The participants’ talents are found and destroyed in the most cases.
  • The fourth type of reality aims to entertain the viewers by sufferings of other people. “The great Donor Show” foe example, tells the story of a terminally ill girl who decides whom of the three participants to give her kidney.
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