Ghost Holidays

Human nature is incomprehensible. We close our eyes when there is some scary scene in the horror movie but watch horrors nevertheless. We can not sleep after hearing some nightmarish fairy-tails but still telling such stories to each other when the darkness falls is one of our favorite kinds of entertainment. May be we do it out of curiosity or it is a portion of adrenaline and nerves tickle we want to receive but the result is the same – frightening things are at the same time attractive. That’s why spending a weekend in one of the most terrific castles in Europe will not seem to the most of us a crazy idea.

I recommend to begin your acquaintance with ghosts and other creatures of otherworldly world with Edinburgh castle. Even the most skeptical people will believe in spirits there. The castle was built in the twelfth century and became a home for many ghosts since that time. You can meet a piper who got lost in the maze of underground tunnels and disappeared in them. When the castle is in danger the drumming can be heard – it is the sounds produced by a headless drummer. His first appearing is connected with the attack of Oliver Cromwell’s forces. You can also try playing with a ghost dog living on the local cemetery.

In Zealand, Denmark you can receive a whole bunch of frightening impressions if you dare visiting Dragsholm castle. It is haunted by hundreds of ghosts as in different periods of time it served as Episcopal palace, fortress and prison. Among the most famous inhabitants of the place are a white lady who was immured into the wall by her own farther for the love affair with a pleb, and a spirit of some count who has died in imprisonment and terrifies 5the visitors by horse neighing since that time.

Goyska castle in Czech Republic will prove that even the most delirious of your nightmares can come true. It was built in the thirteenth century on the north of the country in dark dense forest not to protect the locals from enemies or to become a home for some nobleman. It was created to close the gates to hell. It stands on the edge of legendary abyss from where the demons and half-men-half-animals have appeared. However with closing this entrance to the pit of hell the paranormal phenomena did not stopped. The Nazis even held there their occult experiments in 1930s. Among permanent inhabitants of Goyska castle are giant man-frog-bulldog, headless black horse and a woman in old dress appearing in the window of the upper storey. The dungeons of the castle are said to be still crowded by the demons from the abyss.

Visiting Chilllingham castle in Great Britain will also tickle your nerves. There were a lot of bloody wars in that region and the enemies were tortured and killed in this castle, so their restless spirits still haunt the place. The scariest one is the blue shining ghost of a boy whose skeleton was found in the wall of the castle.

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