How to Become Happy Right Now

If you ask many people what is happiness you will get a lot of various answers. Every individual experiences the state of happiness in a unique way. The one thing that everyone would probably agree with is that happiness is a constantly elusive “substance”. It is often compared to air. We notice that the air exists only when we lack it. It may seem difficult to feel happy at once. Since the earliest childhood we were taught not to repose on our laurels and try to achieve more and more.

  • The first step to become happy is to understand what you want. Analyze your inner state and your current longings. Look around. Which objects and events of your environment awake the positive emotions? That may be a cup of coffee, a friendly pat on the back, the people rushing to their work. Now take a sheet of paper and a pencil and make a list of pleasant things. Which of them would you like to have? In which activities would you like to take part? Be aware of your current minor wishes as they constitute the state of general happiness and well-being.

  • Move ahead in a moderate pace. Don’t go to the extremes and turn your life either into a dull bog or the race track. The achievements that take away all your powers and prevent you from relaxed and calm attitude are not worthy at all. Another state that is far from life satisfaction and happiness is the self-accusation. If you think that you have achieved nothing ask your family. Your wife and children love you and that means that you made a good father. Your friends respect you and that shows that you are a responsible and nice person which is an important achievement.
  • “I’m not responsible for anyone”. This phrase often can be heard and is aimed to exhibit confidence and success. To tell the truth the people who keep saying those words try to hide their loneliness and dissatisfaction with their life. A person exists only when he can see his own reflection in the eyes of the people he loves and values.

  • “I’ll be completely happy when…”. This phrase is familiar to everyone. But such attitude is the erroneous one. In that way happiness will always remain somewhere far from you. Remember that happiness is what you already have but not the blurry future. You have a house, a family, a hobby and that makes your happiness right now. Being aware that everything that surrounds you is pleasant is the key to achieve happiness instantly.
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