How Not to Be Mislead by How’s

There appear more and more books in the bookshops the intriguing titles of which say “How to Become Successful”, “How to Marry a Prince”, “How to Acquire Tabs ABS” and other how’s. It seems to be simple when you open the book and look through a couple of pages. But are there many enlightened who leave the book shop with full comprehension of the problem and have their lives changed to better at once.

Everything seems clear at the first sight. Perhaps a girl buys a book “How to Get Slim”. The book says boldly that to keep fit one should do physical exercises and work out regularly. She picks up doing morning and evening exercises at home according to the method suggested by the book. But this girls my be unaware that wrong way of doing this or that exercise may either have no positive effect of even lead to injury in the worst cases. And she finally thinks that exercises don’t provide any improvement and grabs a piece of apple cake and a bag of sweets to comfort herself.

Another girl decided to marry a prince and bought the advice book. The book says that to marry a prince a girl has to “become a real lady” and “act gently and politely”. OK, everything is clear. But for one person “to become milder and kinder” means to join volunteer community and feed homeless while for another person that means to say fifteen harsh words less. During one minute. Of course the last one will wonder why all the princes freak out. Everything seems to be done according to the instructions.

So how to avoid the negative effects of following the advice that only seems clear and simple? Don’t hurry to nod when you are asked if everything is clear. Stop and think if you really have understood everything. If there still is some ambiguity don’t let the one who gives you instructions go. Ask him some more questions.

If you aim to do something on your own search for information and instructions first. That concerns moving the furniture around the house and learning how to play the piano. But try not to act like those who looks for a valuable advice on the internet forums and finally follows the instructions of a 12-year-old girl answering how to seduce a man or feed a baby. Beware of various pieces advice like “I used this cream and my wrinkles got less prominent”. The consequences of such advice are sometimes irreversible.

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