Bad habits of my boyfriend.

I have been dating my boyfriend John for six months. I like him very much. John is funny and interesting guy. But people are not perfect. And John is not perfect either. We have been living together for four months. And even though I like him very much I just can’t stand his bad habits. Well, first of all he smokes regularly. And I’m not okay with it. I smoked myself but I gave up. And for me it is quite difficult to live with a smoker. I asked him several times not to smoke in my presence. Well, it worked for some period of time but then he ignored my asks. And I just can’t stand it anymore. He just doesn’t keep his promises. Of course he realizes that smoking is not healthy and we have discussed it several times. Anyway he keeps smoking. He tells me that he can’t quit because smoking is relaxing and even supporting. Well, as an ex-smoker I could understand him. Anyway I managed myself to give it up so I suppose he could do the same. I’m sure that he just doesn’t want to do it. I hate that disgusting smell in our apartment and I can’t stand full ashtrays all over the place. That’s terrible indeed. Also he likes to hang out with his friends. And it seems to me that he has problems with alcohol as well. I hope it just seems to me.

There are some other bad habits I can’t stand. John has a habit to leave his socks and other dirty stuff on floor. And I don’t understand why it is so difficult to throw dirty clothes into a laundry basket. I mean it is a problem for him. Of course it would be much easier to leave dirty socks on floor in dining room. And again I asked him several times not to do it. I suppose it would be much easier than to give up smoking. But it seems like he doesn’t hear me. Sometimes he is even irritated when I ask him to do something like that. I hate when John leaves the toilet seat up. That’s terrible and it drives me crazy. It wouldn’t take much effort to leave it down. But not for John. I mean he is neglecting all my requests. And I’m not okay with it. Sometimes I’m irritated by it very much.

It is so difficult for him to clear the dishes. I try to keep our apartment clean but John doesn’t help me. Well, he helps sometimes if I ask him several times. But he would never do it voluntarily. And it seems to me that it is a torture for him. I want him to help me without irritation. Instead of helping me to clean the place he would watch another TV show or play computer games. I wouldn’t say that is inattentive person. He is nice and very kind until I point out his bad habits. He is pretty touchy on them. He says people are not perfect and if I like him I should accept him as he is. Well, it is easy to say it but in reality it doesn’t work sometimes. I have no idea what should I do…

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