Annie Collinge.

Today I would like to write about photography of Annie Collinge. Annie Collinge was born in London and currently she lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish the genre of the pictures she takes. And it attracts me most of all. Collinge “creates the most imaginative and playful still lives for accessories pages in fashion mags I’ve ever seen” (by Perrin Drumm). This is the most exact description of Collinge’s photography.

My favorite series by Collinge is The Underwater Mermaid Theater. First of all the subject is quite interesting – the Mermaid Theater. Could you imagine it? That’s quite unusual indeed. The Theater was founded by Newton Perry, an American Navy Seal trainer over 60 years ago in Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida. Collinge depicts mermaids as uncanny and weird creatures. They look sad and indifferent. The theater was pretty popular in the 1960s. Today it is not so well-known as it was before. Anyway people are attracted by unusual performances. By the way sometimes mermaids have to perform eight times a day. What do they do? Well, usually they do acrobatic stunts and perform choreographed dances swimming underwater. It seems like the show is amazing indeed. Mermaids usually are college students who do part-time job.

Another project by Collinge titled Americaca includes surreal images of people and objects. Who is that lady who disguises herself wearing a mask? Or that little boy wearing a costume of french fries? I do not know at all. Those photos are strange, attracting and uncanny at the same time. I do appreciate her ability to show strangeness and weirdness of the world. It even reminds me movies of David Lynch that generally surreal and strange. Sometimes it even seems to me the pictures was taken during Lynch’s work on the set.

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