How to Feed a Light-eater

What to do if your child refuses to eat? How to make a stubborn toddler be interested in food and try new meals? To turn the family dinner into a pleasant time for both the child and the mother we suggest you to stick to some easy rules.

  • Exclude all the artificial flavors and pigments. They are proved to cause an addiction and the child gradually ceases feeling the taste of organic food. It appears to be dull to him and that is the reason of the appetite loss.
  • Don’t give to your child pastry products as a quick snack. This food will make him feel full for a long time without bringing much use. But an apple or an orange eaten half an hour before the lunch will stimulate the appetite and your children won’t refuse to eat their standard servings.

  • It’s better not to make the child eat all that is put on his plate. Don’t persuade to eat one more spon if he burst in tears. It’s a bad idea to frighten your child with an evil character from a fairy tale who punishes the nasty light-eaters. Don’t try to distract the child’s attention by turning on the telly or reading a book aloud. The excessive stuff pushed down the throat forced won’t do any good for children.
  • The young visitors of the cafes enjoy examining the new dishes, picking out the cherries from the pudding and “fishing” the unusual spirals of pasta from their soup. Make the food for your child interesting. Use the naturally colored bright vegetables, such as paprika or aubergines. Try to serve each meal in a different way. Be creative.

  • To awake the child’s appetite let him spend his energy. If a light-eater sits the whole day in front of the telly there’s no wonder that he appears not to be hungry when the supper time comes.
  • This problem is typical of the families who don’t tend to gather for the meals. Try to invite your friends and eat out with your neighbors. Another good idea is to feed animals before the dinner. The child will see that the neighbor cat eats the offered meal with pleasure and will also feel hunger.
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