How to motivate your boyfriend to lose weight.

It seems to you that your boyfriend is overweight? And you have no idea what to do? Well, it depends on him but it even may hurt him if you share your worries directly. If he doesn’t takes the hints then you have to say him he should lose the weight. It doesn’t work as well? You have tried already several times? Then you have to be persistent because it concerns not only his physical appearance but mainly health issues. But if you are overweight yourself and blame your boyfriend then it wouldn’t work definitely. I mean you should start first. Otherwise you have no right to require something from him. I think it is obvious. Explain him that it would improve not only his physical appearance but his mood as well.

Be active and tell him that you are not okay with the lifestyle he leads. You know it is easier said than done. Doing exercises yourself you would prove that you are serious. At least it would make him revise his opinion. Suggest him to do exercises along with you just for fun. If he refuses do not go mad about it. Just be patient and persistent.

If he agrees I advise you to set the goals. In case you want to delay your trainings he would encourage you to continue working out. It would be much better for both of you if you go to the gym. Of course you may exercise at home. But if you are not self-disciplined persons then you would definitely fail. Be supportive. It is exactly what he needs at the moment.

If he doesn’t like getting to the gym then you may suggest him to buy bikes. At least it would be a good start. Next time you may suggest him to play tennis.

Keep a diet. Avoid eating at fast food restaurants. It must be your rule. Bear responsibility as well. Try to eat health food only. I mean it wouldn’t work if you eat junk meals justifying it by your exercises. I also recommend you to do everything together.

Educate yourself and your boyfriend. Read the books on health issues, recommend him the articles connected to it. He should realize what for he is doing it and why he needs it. And again it concerns his health and then his physical appearance. If he is tired and wants to do nothing explain him that training would change the situation for the better. Tell him mainly about the benefits.

Don’t be too strict. Otherwise he wouldn’t like to do anything and it may even cause some problems. Encourage him pointing out the results. Guys like it undoubtedly. Well, you may even flatter him but do not overdo. You should inspire him. If you are irritated that he is lazy then it would hardly encourage him. Be more positive and do not be too upset if he refuses this time. Hopefully next time he will do it for you. Remember that nagging and insulting wouldn’t help you.

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