The World’s Most Popular Cocktails

Cocktail is a mixture of several beverages (usually consisting of up to 5 ingredients) with some additional spice such as vanilla, cinnamon or a plain salt. The content of cocktails may be different.

The first cocktail is believed to be served in 1770 in a small bar next to the New York city. As the legend says the owner of the bar was very upset by the loss of his favorite cook. The one who could manage to find it was promised to marry his single daughter. A week later the army officer brought the cockerel but the last appeared to be without its tail. The daughter who was working as a waitress in her father’s bar offered a drink to this officer but she was worrying too much and mixed two different drinks in one glass. This beverage turned out to be so good that the officer ordered another one and called it a “cock tail”.

The widest popularity cocktail gained in the USA in late 20s and 30s during the time of Prohibition of alcohol. The different liquids were mixed together in one glass to hide the smell and the taste of the alcohol. At the same time in Paris appeared The Bloody Mary, in Italy there was Negroni and Americano. The last received its name as many American citizens visited bars in Europe to get the experience of drinking the beverages prohibited in their country.

Today cocktails still remain popular as there are are lot of exotic fruit and flavored syrups available all over the world. Besides these drinks are commonly associated with the merry and light-heated atmosphere of the eternal holiday.

  • Mojito is the cocktail made with the white rum and mint leaves. A traditional Mojito has 5 ingredients: rum, sugar, lime, mint and soda. In an alcohol-free version of Mojito the white rum is replaced with the sugary water. This cocktail was the favorite one of Ernest Hemingway. The peculiarity of the recipe is that the sugar goes the first into a high glass followed by a lime juice.

  • Those whoso favorite cocktail is Blue Lagoon are likely to have an outstanding individuality. This could be explained by the unique light blue color of the beverage. The bright shade of azure is provided by the Blue Curacao liquor. This tasty beverage was first prepared in the Zanzibar Club in London. Usually it is served in a large glass with several drinking straws and tiny colorful umbrellas.

  • Pina Colada is a sweet Caribbean Cocktail. Its name is translated as “the filtered pineapple”. In the Caribbeans the fresh pineapple juice sold could be either filtered (“colada”) or non-filtered (“sin colar”). The main ingredients of this cocktail are rum, coconut liquor and pineapple juice. In some bars Pina Colada is served with Baily’s in a glass decorated with the fruit slices.

  • The Daiquiri cocktail is believed to appear in a small town of the same name in the eastern Cuba. The engineer named Pagliutchi once decided to have a drink but his friend Janings Cocks had only rum, sugar, ice and a half of lime. He blended all this and named the beverage after the place.
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