Bad habits of my boyfriend.

I have been dating my boyfriend John for six months. I like him very much. John is funny and interesting guy. But people are not perfect. And John is not perfect either. We have been living together for four months. And even though I like him very much I just can’t stand his bad habits. Well, first of all he smokes regularly. And I’m not okay with it. I smoked myself but I gave up. And for me it is quite difficult to live with a smoker. I asked him several times not to smoke in my presence. Well, it worked for some period of time but then he ignored my asks. And I just can’t stand it anymore. He just doesn’t keep his promises. Of course he realizes that smoking is not healthy and we have discussed it several times. Anyway he keeps smoking. He tells me that he can’t quit because smoking is relaxing and even supporting. Well, as an ex-smoker I could understand him. Anyway I managed myself to give it up so I suppose he could do the same. I’m sure that he just doesn’t want to do it. I hate that disgusting smell in our apartment and I can’t stand full ashtrays all over the place. That’s terrible indeed. Also he likes to hang out with his friends. And it seems to me that he has problems with alcohol as well. I hope it just seems to me.

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Annie Collinge.

Today I would like to write about photography of Annie Collinge. Annie Collinge was born in London and currently she lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish the genre of the pictures she takes. And it attracts me most of all. Collinge “creates the most imaginative and playful still lives for accessories pages in fashion mags I’ve ever seen” (by Perrin Drumm). This is the most exact description of Collinge’s photography.

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How to Feed a Light-eater

What to do if your child refuses to eat? How to make a stubborn toddler be interested in food and try new meals? To turn the family dinner into a pleasant time for both the child and the mother we suggest you to stick to some easy rules.

  • Exclude all the artificial flavors and pigments. They are proved to cause an addiction and the child gradually ceases feeling the taste of organic food. It appears to be dull to him and that is the reason of the appetite loss.
  • Don’t give to your child pastry products as a quick snack. This food will make him feel full for a long time without bringing much use. But an apple or an orange eaten half an hour before the lunch will stimulate the appetite and your children won’t refuse to eat their standard servings.

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How to motivate your boyfriend to lose weight.

It seems to you that your boyfriend is overweight? And you have no idea what to do? Well, it depends on him but it even may hurt him if you share your worries directly. If he doesn’t takes the hints then you have to say him he should lose the weight. It doesn’t work as well? You have tried already several times? Then you have to be persistent because it concerns not only his physical appearance but mainly health issues. But if you are overweight yourself and blame your boyfriend then it wouldn’t work definitely. I mean you should start first. Otherwise you have no right to require something from him. I think it is obvious. Explain him that it would improve not only his physical appearance but his mood as well.

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The White Anchoret

Emily Dickinson is called “A Modern Sapho”. She is blamed for the possible implicit nymphomania and supposed to be a saint. “The White Anchoret” is the most mysterious poet in the whole history of literature. The secret of the phenomenon of Emily Dickinson still hasn’t been revealed by the numerous critics and analysts of her poetry. But her raucous creations seem unlikely to be the key to the mystery of the eternal virgin.

Emily Dickinson was born in a rural town Amherst, Massachusetts. The town was a settlement of puritans, and the single religious community there was the Congregational Church.

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The World’s Most Popular Cocktails

Cocktail is a mixture of several beverages (usually consisting of up to 5 ingredients) with some additional spice such as vanilla, cinnamon or a plain salt. The content of cocktails may be different.

The first cocktail is believed to be served in 1770 in a small bar next to the New York city. As the legend says the owner of the bar was very upset by the loss of his favorite cook. The one who could manage to find it was promised to marry his single daughter. A week later the army officer brought the cockerel but the last appeared to be without its tail. The daughter who was working as a waitress in her father’s bar offered a drink to this officer but she was worrying too much and mixed two different drinks in one glass. This beverage turned out to be so good that the officer ordered another one and called it a “cock tail”.

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Art for art’s sake.

The statement “art for art’s sake” means that true art has no any moral, didactic, religious, historical, social or utilitarian functions. It is also known as an approximate equivalent of Latin slogan “Ars gratia artis” used by American company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as opening credits.

The phrase can be applied to such movements of art as Abstract Expressionism and other forms of abstract art. Nevertheless there are still lot of opponents of it. Indeed it is quite difficult to separate art from any functions and meanings. While abstract artists create for art’s sake, their opponents try to connect art with life naming it and explaining possible variants of meaning. The subject is really controversial and pretty complicated. And to tell the truth I have never thought about it seriously.

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