‘Troubled’ Teens or ‘Troubled’ Parents?

Adolescence is always an uneasy period both for the family and the child entering this age. The teens are often called “troubled”, but is it the child who is troubled? To understand this problem better let’s stop calling teens “troubled”, it’s better to say “we have some difficulties”. The main point is that parents often have more difficulties than their child. That means that the parents are those who are “troubled”. The parents in most cases need more help to understand their responsibility in the appearance of the problems with their child and to find the best way to cope with them. It’s not a rare situation when their teenage child is absolutely normal and his impudent behavior is a silent shout: “Notice me! I’m longing for your attention!” The material well-being is not so important than your sincere and open attitude towards your kid, as the leading type of activity in the period of adolescence is communication.

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The 27 club.

I bet you’ve heard about “27 club”. This is the list of popular musicians who have died at age 27. Scientists have analyzed biographical information about these artists and found out that there’s no reason for this club further existence, and all these deaths look more like a coincidence. Artists die regularly at all ages. The thing is that hard work plus tours plus rock-n-roll lifestyle, which was so usual for all those artists, increase the risk of death tenfold.

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Bronte sisters

Bronte sisters are known as a phenomenon in English literature. They were born in a poor family of 8. A brother – Patrick Branwell, two girls – Mary and Elizabeth, who died young (in 1849) and tree more girls, the sisters: Emily, Charlotte, and Ann Bronte who are known as great female writers.

They lost their mother to cancer in 1821, and their father – Patrick Bronte – raised them with the help of their aunt – Elizabeth Branwell. Patrick Bronte died in 1961.

When the sisters started writing they weren’t very popular. The first book they published (altogether) was the book of their poems. Only two volumes were sold out, but sisters kept working.

Charlotte Bronte (21 April 1816 – 31 March 1855; aged 38).

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